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Once upon a time…Arturo’s story

Early in 2019, I was feeding a neighbour’s cat when they were on holiday. One morning, I opened their front door to find that the cat had left me a thank you gift on the doormat: a little mouse, who looked just like he was lying fast asleep in the sun. But the adventures for this mouse were over. The cat had made sure of that. A day or so after that, I woke up very early in the morning with a fully formed rhyming verse bouncing around in my head all about a curious, adventurous mouse. I got up...

March 24, 2021

Meet the artist behind 'Arturo and the Glitter Glue'

A children’s book can be an amazing opportunity to combine the power of words and images in a way that can spark imagination. So, when I first had the idea to make Arturo into a book, it was clear I needed to find someone pretty special to bring his character to life visually. I was lucky enough to chance upon Hannah Sames at the Little Big Markets in Mount Maunganui one day where she was promoting another book she had illustrated. In all, I saw five different artists’ impressions of Arturo ...

February 18, 2021

Top five favourite picture books for ages 0 to 5 years old

I love story time with my kids. They have learned that uttering the words - ‘Can we read a story?’ – has the effect of casting a summoning spell. It’s the one thing I can never say no to. And there, in the unfolding of a book, the kids have me completely. For a few minutes we leave behind the storm of family life: wrangling order out of chaos, sense out of noise, dinner out of spaghetti tins, and truces out of raging battles between tiny savages. We are, momentarily, Insta-perfect: littl...

February 3, 2021 Posts 1-3 of 3 | Page

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