Once upon a time…Arturo’s story

Early in 2019, I was feeding a neighbour’s cat when they were on holiday. One morning, I opened their front door to find that the cat had left me a thank you gift on the doormat: a little mouse, who looked just like he was lying fast asleep in the sun. But the adventures for this mouse were over. The cat had made sure of that.

A day or so after that, I woke up very early in the morning with a fully formed rhyming verse bouncing around in my head all about a curious, adventurous mouse. I got up, still in my pyjamas, and wrote it down. And I felt a tingle of excitement that something quite magical had come to life. It seemed to me like the mouse who had woken me so early with a story to tell could have been that unfortunate mouse I had found on my neighbour’s doormat, and that maybe he was asking me to give him a different ending.

Arturo was very persistent for the next few weeks, whispering his story into my imagination. He was such fun to write about and it seemed like he was a character that wanted to get out into the world. His quest to become the star of a children's picture book began in earnest.

After a year of collaborating with wonderful Auckland-based illustrator, Hannah Sames, Arturo found his way to the printing presses of the family-owned Tauranga printer, Kale Print, to become a fully-fledged '100% made in New Zealand' children’s picture book. 

'Arturo and the Glitter Glue' is available to buy at www.arturothemouse.co.nz and at selected independent book shops in New Zealand.


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