Arturo and the Glitter Glue...

...a fast-paced tale of rollicking rhyme... Highly recommended.

Donna Blaber, Kiwi Kids Read Kiwi Books

A classic cat and mouse chase, with all the thrills, spills, and excitement you’d expect from a story written to enthral children aged three plus.

This picture book is an absolute joy to read and is a fine addition to the bookshelf.

Donna Blaber
Kiwi Kids Read Kiwi Books
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I absolutely love this story and the way it has been written.

Right from the outset, Arturo and the Glitter Glue captivates the reader and delivers on excitement throughout!

Sandra Sames
Copy editor & proofreader

My children are six and eight-years old. They loved the rhyme and cadence of this story and compared it to one of their favourite children’s authors, Julia Donaldson.

The story embodies playful mischief, suspense, surprise and a crisply satisfying resolution. The detailed illustrations by Hannah Sames are at once endearing, captivating and whimsical. Our family eagerly awaits a sequel.


We have loved reading about Arturo in our house.

My kids especially liked talking about their favourite treasure items that they could spot in Arturo's hoard. Beautiful rhyming and illustrations.


This is Elaine Williams' first children's book and a very good first book it is. The rhyming text bounces along, gaining pace as the chase heats up.

The illustrations by Hannah Sames are full of character and I particularly enjoyed seeing the interior of Arturo's mousehole with all his purloined treasures.


The book is amazing!

We love Arturo. Molly requests it every night and wants to know what happens on his next adventure!


Arturo is a huge hit in our house…

Always great to find a book I don’t mind reading over and over at the boys’ request…we look forward to hearing of his next adventure!


Awesome, amazing and ultra cool.

The story is cool and I really, really, really, really, really, really like the pictures!

(Age: 7)

I am a big fan of rhyming books for children...

...but it’s very easy to get it wrong…but this book rhymes properly, so hooray!

Louise Ward, Wardini Books
Reviewing on Radio Kidnappers
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